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New opportunities to improve efficiency, agility and productivity are abundant in today’s manufacturing landscape. What manufacturing tools are you adopting to get ahead? We’ll help you find the best path forward to becoming a factory of the future.

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From supply chain constraints to navigating digital transformation, we can help you adapt to the latest environmental and technological challenges. Achieve your boldest, most ambitious technology goals with:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud solutions
  • Big data
  • Security
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Keep every human and machine in the loop.

Modern manufacturing means people and machines operate side by side. Support flawless coordination with the latest cloud and data center platforms. You’ll be able to adopt machine learning, automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced analytics and more.

Differentiate your production with factory-wide agility. We have the technical capabilities required to boost your organisation’s efficiency and scalability.

Driving innovation through Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is revolutionising manufacturing. We’ll deliver innovation to your factory floor, so you can automate hands-on tasks — from inventory tracking to predictive maintenance and more.


Deploy smart sensors to track production output, machine performance, maintenance cycles and inventory in real time.

Data and AI

Turn raw data into trends and patterns that inform decision-making with AI-enabled business intelligence solutions.

Intelligent applications

Analyse reports, control machines, serve customers and modernise legacy applications with easy-to-use tools.

AR and VR

Share essential product details with your customers and technicians, and simplify complicated tasks and training without risking personnel or machine safety.

The benefits of industrial IoT

Optimise operations and reduce waste with a reporting ecosystem that enhances your entire production process and improves product quality.

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Predictive maintenance

Correct issues before they impact productivity with predictive maintenance models that eliminate unplanned downtime.

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Remote monitoring

Ensure assets can deliver uninterrupted performance and help workers transition from finders to fixers.

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Alerts & notifications

Never miss a beat with IoT-enabled smart sensors and edge technology. Set your priorities based on your objectives.

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Reporting dashboards

Product quality is directly correlated to production performance. Review asset and process status in one location.

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Doing more with data

Next-generation factories are powered by data analytics. Sensors from connected devices provide real-time information that can inform business-critical decisions, including maintenance, inventory and operations.

Our services harness the full potential of your data to give you a competitive edge. Through innovative technology, like industrial IoT and artificial intelligence, you’ll run a smarter, more efficient factory.

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Protecting your most valuable assets.

Cybercriminals hunt for every vulnerability. That’s why you need a cybersecurity strategy that covers your entire operations — including devices that are often overlooked, such as connected technology and smart machines.

We ensure system and data security with endpoint protection, advanced monitoring, threat detection, and backup and recovery plans.

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Technology procurement starts with myInsight.

Equipping your employees with the right hardware, software and cloud solutions should be as easy as possible. Our hardware and software solutions will help you improve purchasing, reporting and implementation.

Transitioning to future-ready manufacturing

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