Protect your organisation from commercial and reputational loss during a software audit.

Protect your organisation from commercial and reputational risk during a software audit.

Our Audit Support Services will provide the software licensing and SAM expertise you need to protect your business when you need it the most.

We will stand shoulder to shoulder with you and with our guidance help you to explore every opportunity to minimise your commercial exposure and organisational risk.

Audit Support Services at a glance

Let us keep you on track in the event of an audit on your software estate.

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    Software audits can be extremely disruptive to business operations and challenging to respond to without deep subject matter expertise. Particularly so if the audit in question is in regards to a software technology that is ensconced in your virtualised datacenters. Our License Consulting Services team are subject matter license experts with an intimate understanding of how the audit will be run, and can help you to therefore minimise your risk and potential capital exposure as a result.


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    Our consultants can provide an advisory service for you, giving you a sounding board to verify and provide guidance on what the auditor is requesting. We will also step through the process with you for the entire journey to ensure that you are not unnecessarily exposing your organisation to further risk.


Clients continue to report increasingly frequent software license audits, resulting in undefended, unbudgeted and unmanaged costs.Source: Gartner

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How can you minimise the data I have to send to the auditor, don’t they always ask for the same information?

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Insight's specialists can help you prepare for, and deal with an ongoing software audit and ameliorate the outcome.

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