The time is right to modernise your infrastructure.

Companies across industries are adopting modern infrastructure as a fundamental part of their journey. With many choosing hyper-converged systems as a building block, the time is right for you to consider modernisation.

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Top Five IT Infrastructure Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

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Innovation and Business Transformation

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Manage intelligently with vSphere.

VMware vSphere® empowers you to consolidate servers, enhance performance, optimise capacity and more with an industry-leading virtualisation platform. As an ideal foundation for any cloud environment, vSphere gives you the best performance from your infrastructure and apps.

For the next level up, VMware vSphere with Operations Management raises the bar with intelligent operations management for your infrastructure. Get better insights and enhanced virtualisation and performance.

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Power converged systems.

VMware vSAN is a core building block for the software-defined data centre — powering hyperconverged infrastructure solutions with high-performance architecture. With vSAN, you can reduce total cost of ownership, evolve without risk and scale for the future.

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Deliver consistent networking and security.

The NSX network virtualisation and security platform lets you create an entire network and embed it into a hypervisor layer — without physical hardware.

With security, automation, application continuity and compliance features, your data centre is fundamentally more secure, eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring compliant operations. And, you can deploy workloads to a hybrid cloud environment and run them safely in public clouds.

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Manage from a single platform.

Insight and VMware bring you a solution that integrates the vSphere hypervisor with the vRealize Suite to form a multivendor hybrid cloud management platform. With portable licensing units, you can build and manage both private clouds and multivendor hybrid clouds.

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Journey to the cloud with intelligent, future-ready solutions from VMware.

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Agile, Consistent, and

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Building today’s infrastructure for tomorrow’s business

How a software-defined digital foundation prepares you for the future

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Bridging the skills gap from data
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The right skills propel digital transformation

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