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Working with over 400 NHS clients, our deep understanding of the budgetary constraints and other challenges faced by NHS Trusts means we provide you with the most efficient, cost-effective Healthcare IT solutions, allowing you to benefit from economies of scale.

Working with a range of NHS Trusts and the newly evolved ICBs and ICSs, as well as other arm’s length bodies and healthcare organisations throughout the UK, we will assist you at every stage of your journey - from ideation, purchasing and implementation, all the way to improving patient care. We have a dedicated Healthcare Team that offers the expertise to help you find the best hardware, software and Cloud solutions, and get the IT support you need to ensure your technology is running efficiently and effectively.

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Empowering Health and Social Care with modern solutions to achieve the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan.

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Traditionally, monitoring a hospital patient’s or resident’s vital signs has been a time-consuming, manual and not always accurate process. Chart-based judgements have to be made with sometimes incomplete data.

Insight e-observations solutions remove the need for manual assessment. The whole process is digitalised, applying a level of intelligence to the results obtained. We supply everything needed – the software, infrastructure, tablet devices and training – and provide all the configuration necessary. With our solutions, you can go from paper-based monitoring to full digital observation in just eight weeks.

Not only does this free up clinicians’ valuable time and improve patient outcomes by supporting tailored care, it also provides a robust audit trail with a clear recorded vision of the patient care pathway.

How we help:

  • Digitisation of patient records for improved patient outcome
  • From paper-based monitoring to full digital observation in just eight weeks
  • Improved audit trail with clear patient care pathway

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Paper patient records dating back decades pose a significant challenge to trusts and GP surgeries, in terms of accessibility, storage space and costs, and data security.

Our Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS) solutions support smarter, safer management of patients’ data. Historic data can be securely digitised as can current records held in unstructured physical formats such as physical folders, letters and emails.

With fully aligned digital records, there are clear benefits. Patient care is improved because a comprehensive view of a patient’s history is immediately available to clinicians. There are significant reductions in storage costs and administrative time, and security is tightened through structured access control and the incorporation of patient data into stringent disaster recovery plans.

How we help:

  • Improve security of patients’ data
  • Provide a comprehensive view of a patients’ history
  • Save storage cost and administrative time

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Field-based nursing staff, GPs, health visitors and others providing care outside a hospital, waste hours trying to match different views on information about their patients in order to work out what, if any, treatment is needed. If they had a clear, single view of a patient’s treatment, how many more patients a day could they see?

Clinical Portals provide a single amalgamated view of a patient’s records, providing a level of functionality that radically transforms the level of care that field-based staff can offer patients. It also prevents costly duplication of care, enabling health workers to update a patient’s records, order tests and follow up procedures in real-time so there is a consistently accurate picture of what treatment they have received.

How we help:

  • One single view of patient records
  • Transform level of care of field-based staff
  • Prevent duplication of care

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