Turning headwinds into tailwinds

Helping you navigate the headwinds through IT cost optimisation in order to boost your tailwinds and accelerate your digital investments.

"A must-attend event for IT procurement, vendor management, software asset management and finance leaders."

Economic and geopolitical uncertainties are continuing at pace around the globe. Businesses must balance the short term needs of conserving cash whilst also structuring investments to build for the future. IT remains one of the top priorities for investment, and rightly so, as technology powers the business and can deliver increased agility, efficiency and competitive advantages.

Throughout our Meet the Experts event we discussed practical ways you can optimise and reduce costs without affecting services, and free up budget for your business to invest where it is needed.

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'Create stronger tailwinds by cracking the software lifecycle code'
Howard Daws, Technology Lead, Optimisation and Governance, Insight

Organisations are constantly being pushed to drive down costs whilst supporting innovation.​ Howard introduced the Insight proven way to solving these challenges for clients.​ A refreshing approach covering the complete software lifecycle, from acquisition through to the evolution of investments in software to help you:​

  • Improve governance processes to prevent cost sprawl​
  • Identify and remediate wasted spend​
  • Execute optimal future agreements​

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'Gaining insight on cloud and software costs to drive commercial and technology agility for JATO Dynamics'
Joel Perera, Services Director, Insight EMEA, in conversation with Ian Noble, Chief Technology Officer, JATO Dynamics

JATO Dynamics’ core mission is to be the world’s most exciting leader in automotive business intelligence solutions. As a business whose very purpose uses technology to add value and be disruptive within a traditional industry segment, JATO Dynamics have had a similar purpose in terms of its own use of cloud services.

During this session Ian Noble, Chief Technology Officer, shared his perspective of JATO’s evolution into the use of the cloud, along with the approach they have taken to ensure cost governance - a core pillar of how JATO design, build and run their hybrid IT systems.


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'Take control of SAP and trim your sails for a smoother journey'
Marjon Schellekens, Practice Manager SAP License Consulting Services, Insight

We are all seeing the impacts of price rises across Europe, it’s time to take control and right-size for the future.  In the world of SAP we show you areas to focus on that put you in a better position to navigate the headwinds. Annual support fees are rising, so it’s important to take action and offset the increase by right-sizing. Moving to RISE might seem like a great option for more flexibility and control but be aware of the hidden dangers for your IT roadmap. The STAR programme may appear to provide transparency through simulation and optimisation of your current requirements, but are there hidden costs in the future. We show you practical steps to take control and plan for smoother journey.


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'Is an Oracle storm brewing in your business?​'
Fortunato Mallamace, Practice Manager - Oracle License Consulting Services Insight EMEA

A consequence of the current economic and market conditions for many organisations is a re-evaluation of cost and spend, either freezing budgets or restructuring architectures to deliver optimal returns with greater operational efficiencies. Oracle tends to be a key investment for many and there are some well known challenges around Java, audits and flexibility in commercial and contractual models. ​

​We can help you calm the storm by taking you through our proven, practical approaches to put you in control of your Oracle investment.


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'Partnering with IT to “re-think” your IT cost base and maximise the alignment of IT costs against organisational goals'
Chris Coe, Cost Transformation Executive, Insight & Jurgen van Schajik, Executive Software License Consultant

Combining procurement with technical expertise is critical to drive greater cost reduction without impacting business performance. Roadmaps and dependencies are not the natural domain of procurement yet have significant commercial impacts. We explore how a cross-capability collaboration with IT and governance functions will maximise the alignment of IT costs against organisational goals.


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'Creating fair winds in your Microsoft environment​'
Marc Brasser, Practice Manager - Microsoft License Consulting Services Insight EMEA

Microsoft’s headwinds of modern commerce, a direct strategy and declining discounts coupled with the backdrop of economic uncertainties creates a requirement to prepare and act now. Business initiatives such as; digitisation, data modernisation and speeding time to market are top of mind for many of our clients. Microsoft’s portfolio around infrastructure, Azure, productivity and business apps can support these initiatives, but how best do you invest and deploy the technology for your users? ​

We provide you with the practical steps to optimise your Microsoft negotiating positions, explore flexible technology adoption roadmaps with clear commercial discounting and financial funding strategies.


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Building a SAM programme to strengthen your tailwinds
René Sans, Software Lifecycle Services Delivery Manager, Insight

Software asset management programmes can bring multiple benefits to your business, but how do you ensure it delivers the positive returns on your investment? Common challenges we have helped organisations solve include; where do I begin, what are the pitfalls to avoid and how do we make it successful.

René uses real client engagements to demonstrate proven approaches to setting the right strategy, scope and priorities. Gain insightful knowledge and approaches to building a successful SAM programme.


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'Minimising your turbulence from IBM on-prem to the cloud'
Suheb Ahmed, Senior Consultant – IBM License Consulting Services, Insight EMEA

The cost associated with IBM non-compliance can be detrimental to your business. There is growing uncertainty around how to manage PVU/VPC software and remain sub-capacity compliant. IBM’s metrics are complex, difficult to understand and confusing for many clients. The ISAP programme might seem an attractive alternative to a traditional audit, but are you opening your doors to more financial risk? We go through practical steps you can take, to control, optimise, protect and mitigate audit risks as IBM’s portfolio of solutions and licensing requirements change.

From PVU to VPC or migrating from on-premise to cloud, we’ll help you navigate the storm, giving you more control.


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'Is data clouding your decision making?'
Josh Baker, Manager Software Lifecycle Services, Insight

Software asset management is complicated. SAM tools are great but have a cost and an administration overhead that some organisations find off-putting. In the absence of specific SAM applications, human teams can deliver results – maybe not with the data driven automation but enough to mitigate risk and increase efficiency. But, there’s a benefit multiplier when combining tooling and teams.​

Josh explores how to deliver effective SAM whether using homegrown or all encompassing tools so you can get the returns on investment and sharpen your decision making.


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Are headwinds blowing your cloud costs off course?
Marcus Benson, National Principal Architect, FinOps, Insight

Learn how cloud economics and the FinOps framework can help your organisation:

  • Forecast cloud usage more accurately.​
  • Manage and control spend more effectively.​
  • Prepare for the cultural shift to a shared-accountability model.​

Marcus talks about why FinOps is important, the anatomy of a successful FinOps team, some of the top challenges, and where and how FinOps should operate within your organisation.

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Meet the Experts

Ian Noble

Chief Technology Officer, JATO Dynamics

An experienced senior leader with over 35 years of experience in leading multi-disciplined technical teams. Ian has worked in businesses ranging from 20 employees through to 10,000+, from Local to Global roles, and is currently a member of the Technology Leadership team within JATO Dynamics Ltd, a global supplier of automotive business intelligence.

About JATO Dynamics

Customers rely on the seamless integration of JATO Dynamics’s solutions, as well as it’s insights, analysis, data and specifications, to drive sales, reduce errors and support business effort and investment.

Connect with Ian on LinkedIn

Joel Perera

Services Director, Insight EMEA

Joel leads the Optimisation & Governance services practice in EMEA & NA, responsible for all licensing & cloud related service delivery on client topics such as Procurement Advisory, SAM, License Optimisation & Cloud FinOps. He leads a team of over 90 highly skilled consultants who use their knowledge and expertise to help customers make effective procurement decisions, reduce costs, tackle in-efficiency and plan strategically for their use of cloud and software applications aligned to their business goals. Joel has over 20 years of experience working in the fields of software licensing, cloud and software-as-a-service.

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Howard Daws

Technology Lead, Optimisation and Governance, Insight

Howard is responsible for the evolution of Insight’s solutions to help clients optimise and govern their existing and future investments in technology and supply chain partnerships.

Over the past 20 years, Howard has designed and delivered a range of programmes for intellectual property owners, end-user client organisations and solution providers across many industries and geographies. He has helped to improve commercial positions, achieve efficient operations and maintain third-party relationships with particular focus on software licensing.

Connect with Howard on LinkedIn

Marc Brasser

Practice Manager - Microsoft License Consulting Services EMEA

Marc is responsible for the Microsoft licensing services practice in EMEA including: Knowledge center, service methodology and development, project management and task management. He owns the delivery of license & contract optimisation projects for international and global organisations.

He has over 20 years' experience in IT, software licensing and commercial contracts, primarily around Microsoft technologies for global and enterprise customers. His background includes: sales, management and specific focus on Enterprise licensing sales for Microsoft.

Connect with Marc on LinkedIn

Fortunato Mallamace

Practice Manager, Oracle licensing services EMEA

Fortunato is responsible for the Oracle licensing services practice in EMEA. He has 20 years of previous experience, gained working for Oracle in a number of roles including technology sales, service support sales and as an auditor.

His team have deep understanding and expertise enabling them to deliver exceptional value to their clients. Fortunato and his team have a track record of delivering multi-million dollar savings for their clients by helping them avoid risks, gain better cost-effective management of their infrastructure and derive maximum value from their Oracle investments.

Connect with Fortunato on LinkedIn

Chris Coe

Technology Lead, Optimisation and Governance, Insight

Chris has extensive Cost Optimisation and Commercial experience across a variety of sectors and global organisations including Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Technology and Manufacturing. Chris has delivered significant cost savings and transformational change during his senior roles as Global Head of Cost Management, Supply Chain Optimisation and Commercial Optimisation for large multinational companies.​

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Jurgen van Schajik

Executive Software License Consultant, Insight

Jurgen is responsible for the end-to-end delivery of complex client engagements across a portfolio of large global enterprise clients supported by Insight’s Procurement Services and SAM-as-a-Service solutions.

Over the past 10+ years, Jurgen has helped clients manage and optimise their software lifecycle, resulting in delivery of real-value, direct cost savings and improved efficiency. He supports the continuous evolution of solutions and delivery methods to ensure customer success.

Connect with Jurgen on LinkedIn

Marjon Schellekens

Practice Manager SAP License Consulting Services

At Insight Marjon is responsible for the SAP licence consulting practice. With her team, she helps customers get the most out of their SAP Software investments through optimizing their SAP software license environment and building future requirements, whilst creating improved negotiation positions. Resulting in cost efficiencies and savings with a better return on investment for the client.

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Suheb Ahmed

Senior Consultant – IBM License Consulting Services, EMEA

Suheb is responsible for developing the IBM licensing and consulting practice in EMEA. Having come from a Top Four firm (KPMG) leading IBM audits for many years as a Risk Consultant, he brings a depth of technical experience in leading complex IBM license reviews and understanding the commercial requirements within IBM Passport Advantage software contracts. He has over 6 years’ experience in Software Assets Management, Software Licensing, and Contract Compliance with a focus around IBM software solutions.

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René Sans

Software Lifecycle Services, Delivery Manager

René leads the Software Asset Management managed services team at Insight, supporting our clients with their SAM strategy, process definition, SAM tool selection and implementation, and the provision of services that support the software acquisition, lifecycle management and compliance processes. He joined Insight in 2014 as a licensing consultant and for the last five years he has led our Software Asset Management services. He started his career as a software compliance auditor working for KPMG focused mainly on Microsoft and IBM.

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Josh Baker

Software Lifecycle Services, Manager

Josh manages a team consisting of analysts, consultants and technical consultants that support the Optimisation and Governance team to deliver projects and managed services. In addition, he manages the relationship between Insight and their strategic SAM tool partners.

Josh has been at Insight for over 6 years and prior to his current position, he has been in a variety of roles at Insight; including Analyst, Consultant and Team Leader where he led the delivery of Optimisation and Governance projects and helped to analyse data from a variety of SAM tools to create valuable reports for our clients.

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Marcus Benson

National Principal Architect, FinOps, Insight

As part of Insight's Cloud & DevOps National Architecture team, Marcus drives the strategy and go to market vision for our FinOps service offerings and leads strategic delivery to help our clients successfully adopt the FinOps methodology and drive better accountability of their cloud expenses.

Prior to Marcus' role at Insight, he worked for Cloudyn, a Cloud Cost Management Platform that was acquired by Microsoft, and then for Microsoft as the Global Black Belt for Azure Cost Management

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