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Multicloud Visibility a diagram of three circles 

CloudHealth will bring you the future of multicloud management technology.

Start making informed businesss decisions in the cloud be leveraging dynamic multicloud reports and custom dashboards – and quickly gain insight into your cloud usage, cost and performance. With CloudHealth, you can drill down to view how each department, team, individual, or application is spending and using resources, and easily enable cost reallocation and charge backs when needed.

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Cost Management S with arrow pointing down 

Stay under budget by uncovering hidden costs, monitoring increases in spend, and making impactful changes based on custom recommendations.

Ad you advance in the cloud, evaluate month-over-month spending trends and anomalies, and leverage your historical data to forecast future spend over a custom period of time.

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Cloud Security badge with padlock 

Customise security policies across your business units and receive proactive notifications on potential security threats.

Benchmark against cloud security and compliance standards, and empower developers to proactively detect risks within seconds as well as automatically remediate real issues.

Screenshot of Cloud Governance

Cloud Governance Weighing scales 

Easily maintain control over your cloud environment with custom policies and workflows that are uniquely based on how you want to run your organisation.

Have the confidence in your reports by leveraging only the most up-to-date and accurate data with insight into your daily costs and the total spend at the end of the month.

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Read the full report: 10 Best Practices for Reducing Spend in Azure

When cloud computing services were introduced in the mid-2000s with compute and storage offered for pennies on the dollar, the world of IT changed forever. While prices have come down significantly over the years, many companies learned the hard way that moving to the public cloud didn’t always achieve the cost savings they expected.

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Top 5 challenges of migrating applications to the cloud

Top 5 Challenges of Migrating Applications to the Cloud

Before reaping the benefits of public cloud, businesses need to successfully move there. This brief explores the top 5 challenges and how VMC on AWS can be the right solution.

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IDC White Paper

IDC interviewed organisations across a range of industries about the business impacts of running their hybrid clouds with VMware Cloud on AWS, and the results are overwhelmingly positive.

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Insight Discovery Workshop

Uncover the facts, minimise the risks and embrace the opportunities of the cloud.
Insight Discovery Workshop provides a high-level view of the business and technology landscape. Tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements, it will help you understand how the latest cloud and data centre technologies can support your business needs.

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Insight Cloud Planning Services

Utilise Insight’s multi-phased Planning Services so your cloud journey is seamless, secure and successful.
The journey to the cloud – whether hybrid, multi- or public cloud – involves intense amounts of planning, time, and resources. Insight’s multi phased Planning Services make the journey to the cloud seamless, secure and successful, with positive business impacts every step of the way.

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