What is Microsoft Sentinel?

The number of and variety of endpoints is continuing to grow. Data demands continue to increase in volume and complexity. There are countless routes for cyber-attacks. Finding and retaining key security personnel is becoming harder. Never has there been more need for a single, modern, scalable security solution that can help you combat these challenges.

Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud-native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) solution delivered as a cloud service. It provides intelligent security analytics for the entire environment and enables you to identify and stop threats before they cause harm.

Microsoft Sentinel enables you to: 


Identify threats before they impact your business.


Respond quickly and with more accuracy.


Simplify security across hybrid, multicloud, server-less, and other modern environments.


Reduce costs over legacy SIEM solutions for threat investigation, licensing, storage, infrastructure, management, and deployment.

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The benefits of an automated approach

With multiple clouds and endless malicious hacking attempts across your infrastructure, the management of alerts and desired response can be a huge burden on your IT team. Especially if multiple security vendors are being used. Through Microsoft Sentinel, these tasks can be consolidated and processes put in place to provide an AI driven automated approach, delivering: 

  • Faster detection, response and remediation capabilities
  • Fewer errors and reduced "alert fatigue”
  • Security resources freed from repetitive tasks
  • Improved user experience and satisfaction

For more information on how to overcome security burnout within your IT team, download our ebook “Solving Key Challenges for Multi-Vendor Security Environments”

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Getting the most out of Microsoft Sentinel

As a cloud-native solution, Microsoft Sentinel is quick and easy to implement. However, to optimise its usage and deliver real value to the organisation takes a lot of additional skill. 

Due to our expertise, Insight is one of only a small number of partners mentioned publicly by Microsoft to consult and deliver Microsoft Sentinel services. Our expert consultants, technicians and architects are ready to help you unearth the value of your investment. Together we will help you leverage cutting edge AI and machine learning capabilities to deliver a flexible and scalable solution that will deliver the goal of improved security, visibility and control across your entire IT environment.

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