Go paperless with Microsoft Surface and Adobe Acrobat.

Sustainability is becoming a conscious strategic priority, for more and more organisations. This not only ensures businesses are sustainable from a green perspective, but that they are operationally sustainable, putting measures in place to retain and recruit talent. Offering organisations the opportunity to be innovative and differentiate them from their competition.

Yet, in the paper-centric industries like Financial Services and the legal industry, there is an opportunity for digital technology to pave the way.


Personalised, digital experiences have become the standard across many industries. Taking your organisation on a journey from paper heavy to paperless is becoming increasingly essential.

Here's why:


Enhance human


Accelerate productivity and efficiency


Ensure the highest security standards


Improve sustainability

The paperless experience with premium Surface 2 in 1 devices offering flexible form factors with touch screen, Surface Slim Pen for a world class digital inking experience and Adobe Acrobat productive and secure software are the perfect combination for legal professionals to deliver in these four critical areas, while upholding the highest standard of professionalism.

Webinar: Frontline Work Reimagined with Surface and Adobe

Join us for an immersive, customized experience where you'll learn how Surface devices are designed to deliver the best experience for every role in your organisation, and how Adobe's partnership with Microsoft unlocks user productivity and efficiency with the integration of the Adobe suite of tools. An Insight specialist will also share exclusive offerings and the benefits of partnering with them for your technology needs.

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Moving to paperless is essential

Digital transformation has become too important for organisations to overlook. Forward-thinking firms are already going paperless, delivering superior client experiences, and retaining the best talent. Every moment of friction you eliminate, process you improve, step you move to digital, can have a profound and lasting effect on how your business operates, how your employees experience the workplace and, ultimately, how well you deliver services to your clients.


Reduce business costs and carbon footprint

Reduce business costs and carbon footprint Going paperless delivers a fast and reliable service. No need to purchase unsustainable resources like paper, toner, postage, and stationery. Enabling you to achieve sustainability goals and all round better for your clients and the environment.


Accelerate productivity and

Services that you currently offer to your clients will transform into more seamless digital workflows. Providing your business with improved client experiences and offer your organisation the ability to drive more profitable services.


Ensure documents are secure and compliant

Ensure documents are secure and compliant Mitigate risk by embedding security into your workflows, protect files and regulatory requirements, leveraging legally binding e-Signatures. Being able to meet these needs are key to securing new clients and ensuring positive satisfaction.

Do you know the environmental impact of your business?

View your potential impact, by going paperless today.


Calculate your estimated environmental savings by going paperless with Adobe

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Calculate your sustainability

Calculate sustainability now

Estimate the difference of your carbon footprint between e-signatures & paper agreements.

Calculate sustainability now

Accelerate your employees' adoption of modern workplace technology and tools

Insight’s Adoption Services enable you to improve your employees satisfaction and truly realise the benefits of your investment in technology. ​

  • Increase awareness of workplace technology benefits for your users
  • Equip your employees with the digital skills to maximise the utilisation of applications, such as Microsoft 365
  • Improve adoption of productivity tools
  • Accelerate the value of your investment

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Unlock the benefits of a modern paperless organisation

Download our infographic today and discover the advantages of going paperless. Find out how to improve efficiency, enhance collaboration, and reduce costs – all while protecting the environment.

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