Why E5 is a game changer

To provide employees with a secure, seamless and productive working experience, wherever their location, you need a robust workplace solution that focuses on security and compliance. E5 gives you the collaboration tools and analytics needed to unleash the full potential of your workforce, with security and compliance at the forefront of the benefits.

Moving to E5 will give you:


The opportunity to reduce IT costs through consolidating or removing other third-party solutions that would no longer be required.


A suite of tools that increase the prevention of costly cyber-attacks, simplify compliancy and reduce the risk of data leaks.


Improved business voice capabilities, enabling you to streamline existing telephony infrastructure.


Advanced analytics and insights to turn data into actions and deliver real business value and increase productivity.

Get E5 without blowing your budget.

You don’t have to increase your IT budget to leverage E5. In fact, an E5 upgrade can help you reduce costs. E5 licensing delivers capabilities that can replace many of the costly solutions in your environment. Through consolidation, you can reduce costs and simplify management, making you more secure.

E5 Security Solutions can replace:

Meetings and calling

  • Audio conferencing
  • Cloud PBX


  • Access control
  • Encryption
  • Governance
  • Audit protection


  • Identity and access management
  • Endpoint protection
  • Email protection
  • Intrusion detection and prevention


  • Advanced business intelligence
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How does E5 security stack up against the competition?

Microsoft 365 Security offers a comprehensive portfolio that covering more than 27 different areas of specialization. As a leader in five Gartner magic quadrants, this solution tops any list of modern cloud security offerings.

Read our blog to see why E5 is a great investment for helping you ensure your modern workplace is secure.

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Making the right choice

Weighing up the available options around M365 licensing and deciding what is best for your organisation can be complicated, but getting it right is critical. Failure to have the right workplace services in place will result in your business lagging behind the competition, damage the employee experience and leave you without the protection and compliance needed to navigate the modern workplace.

Over the past two years, our experts have helped over 18,000 organisations decide which Microsoft license is best for their needs. Their advice and recommendations will help you make the right choice, delivering a more flexible, productive, and secure workplace.

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Is an E5 upgrade right for your organisation?

See how an E5 upgrade could improve your security posture and reduce your IT costs.

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