The Microsoft Surface Pledge


Carbon negative ambition

To be carbon negative by 2030 and, by 2050, to remove from the environment all the carbon the company has emitted either directly or by electrical consumption since it was founded in 1975.


Tech for biodiversity

To preserve and protect the species, biodiversity and ecosystems that are vital to the planet’s health.


Zero waste ambition

Achieve zero waste for Microsoft’s direct operations, products and packaging by 2030.

Rear view of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Integrity built-in.

“The integrity we build into our products is the reason we share them with the world. We believe in these products 100%. If we don’t believe in them, then why should the world believe in them?“

Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer


Sustainable packaging for Microsoft products

Surface Product design

  • 100%* recyclable packaging and Surface devices by 2030.
  • 20%* post-consumer recycled content in new
    Surface Dock 2.
  • 10%* Pilot project to develop new material containing 10% ocean plastic.
Factory of Microsoft

Responsible sourcing

  • 99.5% of audited factories in China have access to the Workers’ Voice Hotline for grievance reporting.
  • 100% new suppliers are qualified and reviewed prior to onboarding.
  • 5.4k factory workers were reimbursed $275k in recruitment fees and insufficient payments.


Woman using Microsoft Surface

Surface Product use

  • 37 % of units fulfilled by carbon neutral fulfillment centers by 2021.
  • Windows 10 powering 1 billion active devices monthly.
Rear view of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Climate and Environment

  • 91%* Surface Laptop 3 assessed to be 91% recyclable.
  • 2030 Microsoft carbon negative.
  • 2x Surface Pro 7 and packaging contain more than 2x the average global circular resources.


Selection of Surface devices

Surface Eco Profiles

Our Eco profiles provide information about the materials, energy efficiency, packaging, environmental impact, and recycling of our products. 


Surface Pro X product

Surface Pro X

The thinnest member of the Surface family, the Pro X offers stunning graphics and fast connectivity.

Surface Pro 7 product

Surface Pro 7+

You’ll get more done from wherever, whenever with the ultralight, high-performance Surface Pro 7+.

Surface Laptop 3 product

Surface Laptop 4

Maximize the style and substance of your on-the-go productivity with the sleek and powerful Surface Laptop 4.

*Trees will be planted to offset the carbon footprint of each Connected Surface (LTE) device sold in August, September, October, November 2021. Carbon footprint is calculated by the number of units sold from August, September, October, November and the CO2 emissions of each device sold, calculated according to the Eco Profile of each device. CO2 offset by each tree is calculated via our tree-planting partner, Tree-Nation ( For more details on all the Microsoft Statistics on this page please refer to the Microsoft Devices Sustainability Report FY20.

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