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You need streamlined IT procurement options.

Having a strong e-procurement strategy can help you plan for the future and make smarter investments in innovation. But how much time will it take? With Insight, integrating the right approach with your existing solution or implementing our self-service option doesn’t have to be a big initiative.

We’ll help you through the planning and the execution, so you can get started easily — whether whether you use our entire catalog of 5,100+ partners or a completely customized product list for your business.

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Self-service procurement is simply better.

Once you set up your free account, the benefits begin immediately with guided web purchasing, popular product recommendations and access to a dedicated account manager. The platform is easy-to-use and intuitive, and it requires no training.

We can personalize your product offerings and pricing according to your brand standards — by country, language and currency, and as specific as needed for each user. We’ll be your partner in strategy and implementation, increasing efficiency and migration without downtime.

Put power and flexibility into purchasing.

Our online marketplace can be accessed from any device. Work and shop from where you want, when you want and how you want with these benefits:

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Tailor your business workflows and process management to help your IT procurement team save money faster.

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Workflow approvals

We can implement any approval rule, so end users get notifications when orders are ready for review and approval.

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Payment options

Our multiple payment options mean you don’t have to sacrifice business innovation to stay on budget.

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Ordering options

Orders can be fulfilled through the online marketplace or a custom Electronic Document Interface (EDI) integration.

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Gain e-procurement integration.

Our team is committed to making your e-procurement integration a success. We have a defined approach that includes an assigned project manager to coordinate your integration. This helps ensure our solution is tailored to your current and future needs and delivered on time.

Our solution integrates with solutions from leading e-procurement providers and supports industry-standard integration formats/methods, including EDI, OCI, xCBL and XML.

Get full order visibility.

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Track and manage.

Gain visibility through the entire lifecycle journey from initial order to fulfillment and invoicing. Each purchase is stored and accessible in your dashboard. On-demand and scheduled reports are also available so you can track spending and manage usage from anywhere.

Optimizing your supply chain takes Insight.

We’ll help you maximize your technology resources, so you can better manage today’s operations and transform the future. Connect with our specialists by completing the contact form or using one of the two options below.


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