Intel vPro® Platform

Manage your remote work devices from the cloud

The Intel vPro® Platform with Intel Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) empowers businesses with high-performance Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM). Give your IT team the tools it needs to tackle fresh challenges with the shift towards hybrid and remote work.

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The future of hybrid work

Insight’s Managed Endpoint service enables better security, support and hybrid-work user experiences. Ultimately, combined with the Intel vPro platform, it leads to better outcomes for your business.

Learn how Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT), available from Insight, solves various use cases through managed-service endpoint management.

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Intel vPro® solves IT’s new hybrid-work challenges.

More remote workers icon

More remote workers

By 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce will work remotely at least five days per month.1

More work for IT icon

More work for IT

Some IT departments manage more than 150,000 client devices worldwide resulting from the shift.

More attack surfaces icon

More attack surfaces

The increase in the number of devices means an increase in potential access points that need protecting.

More cyberthreats icon

More cyberthreats

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) got 4x the daily cybersecurity complaints in 2020 as before.2

Intel vPro® platform technologies work together to help patch, manage, secure and repair remote devices.

Intel AMT and EMA icon

Intel AMT®

Intel AMT empowers your organization with complete remote manageability, even for devices outside your firewall or without a responsive OS.

Intel Endpoint Management Assistant® (Intel EMA®)

Give your IT team the ability to remotely and securely manage devices over the cloud with EMA — both inside and outside your firewall.

Note: Intel® AMT is only available on Intel vPro Enterprise for Microsoft® Windows®.

How Intel vPro® benefits your business & IT team

Remote control

Provide support with Intel AMT and Keyboard/Video/Mouse (KVM) control by remotely discovering and fixing devices.

Proactive management

Remotely wake devices and run routine software updates, like regular security patches, during off hours.

OS independence

Fix issues even when the OS is down like corrupted drivers, apps or the OS itself on non-responsive systems.

Reduced costs

Intel vPro pays for itself in
~9 months at a company of 100,000 PCs3 due to lower admin. and maintenance costs.

Introducing SprinxleIQ

SprinxleIQ is an endpoint-management console utilizing Intel vPro to remotely manage devices at the hardware layer, so you can manage your endpoints regardless of their power or operating state.

Other consoles work at the software layer, but won’t if the device is powered off or not operational.

Management at the hardware layer

Management at the hardware layer
  • Manage regardless of OS or power state.
  • Improve manageability and efficiency; Reduce downtime with remote KVM and remote reimaging.
  • Improve security; Install all patches with remote power on and reimage functionality.
  • Reduce costs; Reduce deskside visits with remote KVM and remote terminal.

Manageability and security features

SprinxleIQ is a remote-management solution that is easy to install and use, has very low running costs and offers many features that would only be available in commercial products.

Remote desktop & terminal

SprinxleIQ offers web-based remote desktop and terminal, possibly the most used feature. You can take control of any computer in the world from any web browser.

Real-time user interface

The SprinxleIQ web interface is fully real-time, so users never have to hit “refresh.” This makes it easy to see device connections and activities as they happen.

Remote file access

Fully access files on any system remotely with the ability to download, upload, rename, create new folders and more — the storage of your own devices accessible from anywhere.

Power state monitor & control

Trace when a device is powered on and use your existing live devices to send Wake-on-LAN commands on remote networks, allowing remote device power management.

Text & video chat

While performing a remote support session, you can initiate a chat session with the remote user. If WebRTC is available, you can even perform a live audit and video chat.

Port forwarding

Use the router tool to map any local Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or User Datagram Protocol (UDP) ports on your local machine to ports on remote devices; performance or Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) sessions to devices anywhere on the internet.

Multi-OS support

The server is built on Node.js and can be installed on any major OS. The agent is built in C and has ports for 32 and 64bit Microsoft® Windows®, Linux® (x86 and ARM), macOS® and FreeBSD®.


SprinxleIQ fully supports multi-user and multitenancy permitting servers to be used by many people at once with different permissions on device groups for efficient server use

Intel AMT

By optionally using Intel AMT when available, administrators can remotely power on, boot to Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) and manage a system regardless of the OS state.

Activity logs

Trace what users are doing on remote devices with a real-time event log that can be filtered per device or per user, perfect for auditing management operations.

Server file storage

Use the server as a file store to upload, download and make files available for public access, making it easy to use your SprinxleIQ server as a cloud file storage server.

Session recording

Remote desktop, terminal and Intel AMT KVM sessions can all optionally be recorded by the server for later playback, for an additional layer of auditing capability.

Two-factor authentication

Passwords are not sufficient to protect users anymore. With support for two-factor authentication, remotely managed assets are better protected against password disclosures.

HTTP content security

To secure against any possibility of unwanted cross-site scripting and other attacks, SprinxleIQ HTTP headers include browser instructions to limit the source of content that is loaded.

Let’s Encrypt support

With built-in Let’s Encrypt® support, SprinxleIQ can obtain a valid Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate for the domain name and autorenew the certificates, making it easy to establish trust to users.

FIDO2 support

With built-in support for hardware-authentication keys (Bluetooth®, USB® and Near-Field Communication; NFC), the administrator can set up an extra factor of authentication that defends against phishing attacks.

Strong cryptography

By default, strong cryptography is used, including SHA385, AES256 and RSA3072. This is a step above the industry and recommended good practice for quantum computer resistance.

IP address token binding

All session tokens and cookies generated by SprinxleIQ are bound to the requester’s source IP address, making it impossible for malware-stolen tokens to be reused at a different location.

Use of TLS 1.2

Strong security includes use of strong cryptographic transport protocols. SprinxleIQ makes use of TLS 1.2 on its HTTPS port 443 and disables use of weaker generations of TLS on that port.

Reverse-proxy support

By supporting reverse proxies, SprinxleIQ can be installed in most modern data centres without SprinxleIQ knowing the main HTTPS private certificate key.

Strong password enforcement

By optionally requiring that users make use of strong passwords and requiring use of two-factor authentication, user-account security can be improved.

HashiCorp Vault support

SprinxleIQ can be configured to retrieve and store all configuration settings and secrets in HashiCorp® Vault, making the server stateless and adding an extra layer of protection.

Database-record encryption

If enabled, SprinxleIQ will encrypt all sensitive fields before storing them in the database. This can be done in addition to database-provided encryption for extra security.

Strong password hashing

By default, SprinxleIQ account passwords are hashed using PBKDF2 with 12,000 rounds of SHA384 and 128-byte long salt, providing security and dictionary-attack resistance.


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