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Newest devices

Newest devices

Work efficiently, collaboratively and quickly with the low-cost, high-performance Chromebook and Chromebox.

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Choose the right Chrome OS device for your use case.

Chrome OS devices let you unlock the capabilities of your business so you can enjoy fast apps, a secure infrastructure, improved workflows and reduced downtime. With the help of the Chrome OS device selector tool, you can find the right device that best suits your needs — so you can work smarter, not harder.

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View of an HP, ASUS and Dell Chromebook computer

Fast. Secure. Configurable.

Now there’s a computer designed for the way your employees work. From quick boot times to multilayered security and login-based user profiles, Chromebook notebook computers put you in control.

Flexibility and savings also come built in. IT can easily manage these devices using zero-touch control and deployment. And, you can save up to 75% over three years by upgrading to Chromebook computers.

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Happy woman using chromebook

Meet Google Chrome OS.

Chrome OS is a cloud-first solution built to support the hybrid workforce. Cloud profiles, regular background updates, and access to popular productivity and video conferencing apps help employees work effectively from anywhere. With a modern experience and devices that stay fast, have built-in security, deploy quickly, and reduce the total cost of ownership, Chrome OS is the ideal solution.

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A Chromebook that’s
made to go

With its incredible battery life, sharp 1080p webcam and no-fuss design, the Pixelbook Go can handle your most varied and intense workloads without sacrificing experience. It starts up fast in seconds, performs fast with powerful processing and stays fast for the long haul with Chrome OS

And when it comes to keeping your data secure, Pixelbook Go gives you peace of mind with:

  • Automatic updates to keep the latest security fixes on your machine
  • Sandboxing to contain every cyberthreat
  • Data encryption with tamper-resistant hardware
  • Self-checking verified boot on every startup
  • Recovery mode with one push of a button or quick keyboard combination
Pixel phone and Pixelbook Go product display

Get Google devices like: Pixel phone for continuity you can count on

Google devices work better together. With the Pixel phone, you get a seamless user experience for both on-the-go work and play.

Pair it with the Pixelbook Go to easily send and receive work messages on your laptop without having to reach for your phone. Or pair it over Bluetooth® with Pixelbook Go to easily sign in from anywhere.

Close up of Google Titan Security Key

Login protection anywhere, anytime

Phishing attacks don’t have to derail your business. Google Titan Security Key portable devices add a layer of defense beyond your password. Simply plug in or connect the tool to safely access a variety of applications and online services.

Insight offers the Titan Security Key K13T and K9T. You can authenticate logins through a Bluetooth® or USB connection, respectively. Both keys include Google-developed firmware — which is used internally at Google — and meet Fast Identity Online Alliance standards.

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Chromebox product display with video captured from a team meeting remotely

Say hello to collaboration.

Chromebox devices turn any space into a meeting space. You can collaborate with anyone, anytime — all with scalable, high-definition and low-cost videoconferencing. With Google powering your meetings, you'll get:

  • Up to 25 connections at once in full HD
  • Wireless screen sharing
  • Google Apps integration
  • Fast, easy setup and remote management

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Digital signage using chromebox

Put simplicity on display.

Connect a Chromebox to a display and unlock digital signage that delivers:

  • Multiple app, device and peripheral options
  • An affordable solution, up in minutes
  • A streamlined, browser-based console

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