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Ergotron® workplace solutions from Insight promote comfort, health and increased productivity.

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Happy teams are productive teams.

Enhance your workspace and place an emphasis on health, productivity and affordability with Ergotron desks, mounts and carts.

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Work smart.

Outfit your workspace by focusing on comfort and productivity.

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Take control of your health with world-class ergonomic and wellness products.

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Insight and Ergotron work hand in hand to provide you the best in new technology.

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Add movement to your work routine with the Ergotron WorkFit-Z Mini, a super easy-to-use standing desk converter for home-office workspaces.

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Sit less. Achieve more.

Increase your productivity with height-adjustable desks.

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Charge and move.

Get more from your charging cart with the multi-purpose YES Adjusta Charging Carts. It quickly and safely charges smart devices, while also working as a podium or desk—all in a compact design that makes the most of any space. Pegboard sides let students innovate with STEM projects or work as a makerspace. Think beyond the classroom with optional accessories that fit hospitality, healthcare and other industries. And the cart is UL-certified to ensure safety for students, staff and devices.

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Technology at the

Create healing patient environments that allow caregivers to thrive with Carefit Pro. The full-featured design enables untethered productivity with long-lasting, dependable power to navigate each shift. Personalized height and screen adjustment with intuitively placed features support caregiver well-being to keep the focus on patient care. Integrated technology streamlines CareFit Pro monitoring and service, and thoughtful finishes complement a calming environment of care.

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