A police officer using a laptop

Smarter, tougher technology

The right technology enables your personnel to do their jobs better, faster and smarter, making communities and individuals safer.

We offer video cameras and ruggedized laptops that provide better communication and protection for everyone — and the software, infrastructure and data storage to support them.

Firemen using a tablet

When every second counts

Insight’s public safety solutions ensure your people have immediate access to the information and technology they need to respond quickly and efficiently.

  • GPS-based dispatch solutions
  • Electronic citation systems
  • In-car and officer body cameras
  • Ruggedized laptops and notebooks

Explore our purchasing contracts to see how your department can save money.

Multiple freeways during rush hour

Mobile access from anywhere

For your personnel to be most effective, you need strong mobile connections throughout the community, providing access to information and communications from anywhere.

We’ll help you design, implement and manage the wireless technologies and systems you need — from a wireless Local Area Network (LAN) to city- and county-wide mobile data solutions.

Communications made simple.

Optimize your resources by building a supportive, responsive infrastructure that makes communication between departments and workers in the field simple. Insight’s public safety experts will help you implement strategies for:

Data security icon

Data security

Data backup and recovery icon

Data backup and recovery

Cloud services icon

Cloud services

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Data center management

Improved data security and reliability

With every call, case and response, your personnel gather critical text, audio and video footage. Gathering, storing, organizing and accessing it all requires reliable connections and documented protocols.

We’ll help you implement the right technology ecosystem and procedures to ensure you have storage capacity and protection for these vital files.