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IT that supports your school and district

Digital assignments, e-learning portals and online assessments all require a larger technology footprint for your school. Cloud services for education can reduce your IT burden by offloading management and maintenance, while improving end-user experiences.

We’ll help you establish a cloud environment that improves uptime, scalability and agility so you can focus more on supporting educators and students.

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Data storage solutions for schools

As data creation grows and the speed of learning increases, you need a bigger and better solution to hold and protect your data. Many schools and districts are finding that storing data in the cloud is more cost-effective than storing data in their own on-site data centers.

The cloud offers secure access to important information from anywhere, including email, backup files and storage. Free up internal resources by handing off cloud hosting to Insight.

Optimizing your data center

Enrollment, finals and other peak times can overburden your technology. A properly implemented data center gives you easy and secure data storage, management and access. We’ll help you standardize equipment and processes to eliminate redundancies and simplify operations.

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Public cloud

Get compute, network and storage as a service so your agency can scale seamlessly on demand. You’ll benefit from reduced operational responsibility.

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Private cloud

Setting up an on-premises private cloud gives end users the flexibility they demand, while maintaining rigid security and control within the environment.

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Hybrid cloud

Hybrid IT gives you the scalability and cost effectiveness of a public cloud without exposing mission-critical applications and data to third-party vulnerabilities.

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Cloud computing in education

Our cloud experts combine technology expertise with education experience. We’ll analyze every aspect of your IT environment and performance needs to develop a custom cloud strategy.

Whether you need a complete IT overhaul or smaller update, we’ll match the right technology to your goals. And we’ll work alongside your teams to promote long-term success.

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Improve your IT infrastructure.

Content-intensive digital learning initiatives place high demands on wireless network and data center technology. Learn how you can ensure your IT infrastructure is up to the challenge of supporting 21st-century learning.

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Teach with peace of mind.

We’ll create a data storage solution that ensures student and school information is secure and backed up.