Save money, secure data and go green.

Your technology has a finite lifecycle. A good asset disposal strategy can mean the difference between security and risk or compliance and noncompliance — plus, it keeps internal teams focused on core initiatives rather than the intricacies of safe disposal.

Our best-in-class asset disposition program maximizes the economic return on equipment and protects data, as well as the environment — so you can save more, focus on your business and have peace of mind.

Our asset disposition services ensure:

  • EPA- and RCRA-compliant e-waste disposal
  • Maximized return on remarketable assets
  • Simplified logistics and transportation
  • Auditable chain of custody for disposed assets
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Customized online reporting

Information about your entire asset disposal process stays safe in a personalized disposition portal, including serial numbers, shipment records and certificates of destruction. That means:

  • Better visibility into your environment
  • Centralized traceability
  • Easier reporting and documentation

A partnership you can trust

Working with reputable IT asset disposition vendor Sipi Asset Recovery, we put your technology through a tried-and-true, rigorous review to determine the best route for your end-of-life assets — from remarketing to redeployment and disposition.

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We protect business and client data.

We’ll help you manage device end-of-life while meeting strict internal, governmental, environmental and third-party compliance standards. With a Department of Defense 5220.22M hard drive wipe, Insight completely erases data on your legacy drives.

Get full data destruction on or off site. We’ll shred hard drives or zero-fill devices that can be reused. And, you’ll receive certificates of erasure, so you can be confident your information is protected.

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The power of green

Protecting the environment is important to organizations and customers. From the glass in your monitor to the copper in your power supply, we’ll send salvageable items to recycling vendors and provide you with a certificate of recycling — so you can give back to the world.

A better end-to-end approach

Reduce risk and ease management by partnering with Insight — your single point of contact that has a successful track record and proven methods.

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Strong remarketing

Get the highest rate of return on remarketable equipment sold to our network of buyers, giving you trade-in dollars.

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Flexible redeployment

Manage all redeployment activities, including end-of-lease returning and asset re-integration for continued use.

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Confident disposition

Ensure EPA compliance with a disposal process that's sensitive to environmental regulations and the latest EPA mandates.

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Simple logistics

Optimize your lifecycle management by leveraging our nationwide reach to pick up, pack and audit your end-of-life IT assets.

Our asset disposition program makes every day Earth Day.

We help companies repurpose used technology safely, all while determining the best opportunities to maximize the marketability of your assets. Learn more about our IT asset disposition.

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