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Successful IT transformation starts here.

Before undertaking any data center consolidation, workload migration or platform modernization project, you first need to fully understand your IT estate. But the complex combination of cloud, edge, on- and off-premises technology is a mountain to catalog.

With SnapStart, you get a map of your entire data center asset base, equipping your teams with key information to make informed, accurate decisions.

You’ll be able to:

  • Uncover hidden assets, forgotten IT components and shadow IT.
  • Understand your IT requirements, criticality and dependencies.
  • Make data-driven workload placement and cloud decisions.
  • Accelerate modernization and transformation activities.

Data center mapping, and so much more

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Extensible and scalable

Findings can be imported and exported directly with your existing and third-party tools. Plus it all feeds directly into other Insight tools.

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Cost effective

SnapStart scans 10-20 times faster than any other tool, is easy to install and run, and is operated by our skilled consultants.

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Extremely thorough

Get a comprehensive map of systems, workloads and applications with dependency, utilization and consumption details.

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Cloud ready

Useful information guides your cloud strategy, identifying optimal applications and Platform as a Service (PaaS) candidates.


Solution brief

Minimizing risk to your business

Incomplete maps, missing assets and omitted workloads cost your business time and money. Getting a thorough catalog now smooths IT transformation road bumps later. This helps us to ensure minimal business disruption and successful workload and application matching.

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Expert guidance, proven processes

With our deep experience and proprietary tools, we’ll help you migrate faster and more effectively.

30+ years of data center

1500+ services

3,000 technical

400k workloads migrated
since 2015

Actionable reports and clear next steps

Dependency maps that are fully filterable and customizable and a Power BI dashboard toolkit help you address migration dependencies, trouble spots and determine what solution designs are the most cost effective.

You’ll know:

  • Requirements for access and uptime/downtime
  • Which workloads will move where
  • When and how cutover will occur
  • How risks will be managed and mitigated
Woman on laptop computer using SnapStart tool

Network discovery tool

Cataloging all the assets in your network ensures everything is accounted for. SnapStart digs deep with an end-to-end scan. Our tool can run on a laptop or virtual machine. In addition, network traffic and CPU demand remain constant whether you have 50 or 50,000 servers.

Businessman on laptop computer using application discovery tools

Application discovery tools

Understanding the requirements of each application your business relies on determines the ideal platform fit. We’ll help you understand each application’s dependencies, counts, requirements and critically.

Modernize your infrastructure.

We’ll help you assess, deploy and manage your next-generation infrastructure — and align your workloads with the right platform to achieve agility. Connect with our specialists to start your transformation journey.


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