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Are you prepared for growth?

IT modernization and data accumulation are putting new demands on your storage infrastructure. Not only do you need scalable, optimized platforms to support today’s workloads, but you also need a system that can enable artificial intelligence, machine learning, DevOps and more.

Future-ready IT storage solutions

With over 25 years of storage expertise, we’re uniquely equipped to help you navigate this always-evolving landscape. From flash storage to cloud storage to Storage as a Service (STaaS), we offer solutions, strategies and services to modernize your data infrastructure.

We’ll help you realize:

  • Improved backup and recovery performance
  • Reduced storage footprint
  • Migration with minimal downtime
  • Simplified management
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Client story: Healthcare System Improves Care Delivery With Storage Refresh

When a healthcare system’s existing storage infrastructure grew unstable, we learned their current and future needs, working collaboratively to create a reliable, efficient system that meets industry compliance requirements.

See the full client story

Storage as a Service

Storage as a Service offerings allow you to modernize your IT while expanding your flexibility, security and cost-efficiency. Our technical teams will identify the storage solution that best fits your current needs and future goals and manage it, so that you can realize its full value.

Whether you choose service-based or configuration-based pricing, STaaS solutions simplify management, cost control and scalability, giving you a reliable foundation that will grow alongside your business.

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Our STaaS portfolio

We offer three STaaS offerings, designed to meet you wherever you are in your storage modernization journey.


We’ll help you get started with 24/7 technical support, flexible billing options and a designated client success manager.


Gain access to everything in the Essentials tier, plus advanced monitoring and management for patches, events and more.


On top of our Advanced services, you’ll get strategic planning, performance reviews and infrastructure assessments.

We design, implement and manage cloud storage that provides:

  • Accelerated backup and recovery
  • Flexible capacity and scalability
  • Improved manageability
  • Security optimization

Cloud storage, architecture and services

Cloud storage boosts efficiency and simplifies provisioning, but finding a solution that meets your business goals, budget and compliance requirements can be challenging. Whether you’re just beginning to migrate to the cloud or need to rearchitect an existing solution, we’re here to help.

Efficient, optimized flash storage

Fast and cost-effective, flash storage can sharpen your competitive edge when used strategically. Our flash experts can augment your IT storage architecture with cloud-connected flash solutions that accelerate how you process and migrate data.

Optimize your data center.

We’ll help you assess, deploy and manage your next-generation infrastructure — and align your workloads with the right platform to achieve agility. Connect with our specialists by completing the contact form or using one of the two options below.


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