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Okta Workforce Identity Cloud

Protect your employees with technology from a leading identity company. Okta Workforce Identity Cloud connects and secures your entire workforce — including employees, contractors and business partners — with solutions for device security and risk, access management, and identity governance.

Whether you need a multi-factor authentication solution to guard against phishing attempts or out-of-the-box reporting and lifecycle management, Okta has you covered.

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Optimized digital experiences for consumers

Solving complex identity challenges, winning customers and focusing on innovation has never been easier with Okta Customer Identity Cloud. Okta makes it simple to securely access to your applications while gaining a better understanding of your customers — so you can create more targeted experiences.

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Get your applications enterprise ready.

Okta Customer Identity Cloud for Software as a Service (SaaS) apps boasts powerful features, including enterprise single sign-on and multi-factor authentication for accelerated business growth and improved developer efficiency. Read more in the whitepaper.

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