Industry-leading protection

Over 91% of cyberattacks originate from email. Mimecast is the always-on, integrated cloud suite that serves as your all-in one security solution, protecting your business from spearphishing, malware, data leaks, data loss and downtime.

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Prevent and respond to threats.

The U.S. government reports that ransomware attacks have increased at an alarming rate, with 4,000 incidents a day being reported and more than $1 billion of ransoms paid per year. Mimecast Email Security and Cyber Resilience protects your organization's email network against data leaks and attacks like these.

Unlike vendors of stand-alone security or backup products, Mimecast tackles ransomware with a layered email approach, bringing together security, continuity and email archiving capabilities in a single cloud solution.

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Eliminate downtime.

Planning for disaster recovery and scheduling maintenance can be complex — and there’s no perfect time for downtime. Mimecast Mailbox Continuity helps eliminate downtime helping users continue to send and receive email in the event of an unplanned or planned outage.

With Mailbox Continuity, users can access email as usual and often are unaware that a problem has occurred. Mimecast uses admin-controlled monitoring, alerts and one-click response to ensure your work goes uninterrupted.

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Perpetual email storage

Email archives are a primary record of business communication and a highly valuable asset as information that needs to be accessible and searchable.

Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving provides advanced policy management and:

  • Predictable costs and scalability
  • Industry-leading seven-second search
  • Instant access to archived information
  • Enhanced storage functionalities

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