Insight’s WVD PoC Service

Insight’s Proof of Concept Service for Windows Virtual Desktop helps you accelerate your company into a modern, cloud-based business with faster deployment times, lower costs and greater flexibility. The PoC Service offers everything you need to start working with Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop and Azure in just a few days. From planning and support to deployment and training, all in one service.

You’ll benefit from:

Ready for the cloud

Insight’s WVD PoC Service opens the way to the cloud and reduces many challenges in the on-premise data centre. It helps you to become familiar with Windows Virtual Desktop and understand how a WVD solution works. Transform your company from on-demand IT engineering to value-adding cloud consultancy.

Save time and costs

Because you work with WVD in Azure, you immediately save time. Microsoft provides the entire infrastructure, security, connectivity and more on the Azure platform.

Grow and expand your business

Once Windows Virtual Desktop and Azure are up and running, you have everything you need to compete with confidence and protect and expand your customer base.

Tailored delivery

We will set up Windows Virtual Desktop for you as a Greenfield project, which means we will deploy a brand new WVD environment. A few days later, we will walk you through all the steps we have taken. This walk-through serves as practical training in WVD implementations and technologies. When your first WVD deployment is complete, you will receive the full deployment report along with step-by-step guides, links to useful information and documents. With all these tools in hand, you are well equipped to build the next WVD environment yourself and continue your cloud journey with Azure.

WVD Business Benefits

Business outcomes

Insight’s WVD PoC Service offers you:

  • Fast deployment of first WVD environment
  • Training around WVD deployments and technologies
  • Full deployment report and step-by-step guides
  • Confidence to build new WVD environments yourself
  • Time and cost savings with WVD and Azure
  • Competitive advantage over peers
  • Business growth via cross-selling and upselling opportunities

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