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What is OneCall support?

OneCall is Insight’s 24/7 support service for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 cloud services. We help you free up valuable IT resources by solving IT incidents quickly, adequately and to your complete satisfaction. Our aim? To support you in solving customer challenges, minimising downtime and optimising your business continuity. Round the clock, as you want it.

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Immediate expert action on your call

A team of qualified and seasoned engineers know your business and technology from oats to groats and have the right skillset to solve any issue you raise at the time you raise it. As an extra guarantee our service has exclusive backup by Microsoft Premier Support with additional, direct support from Microsoft, if needed.

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The OneCall Support Services framework

Through access to a wide range of cumulative engineering knowledge, Insight OneCall Support Services help you resolve issues quickly and accurately. You can count on us for efficient and comprehensive results from every interaction.

Download the OneCall brochure

  • 24/7/365 high-quality support
  • For Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365
  • Full-stack expertise delivered by qualified engineers
  • 3 support centres across EMEA
  • English spoken; DE/FR/ES/IT/NL/SE spoken at availability
  • Efficient problem solving through direct interaction
  • Quick response time; 15 minutes average for critical/P1 issues
  • Quarterly service review and feedback reports

Why Insight?

At Insight we have a team of highly qualified Microsoft cloud solution experts and cloud transformation specialists with more than 25 years of broad expertise. We have been working with Service Providers like you across Europe for years, so we dare say we understand your business, your concerns and what contributes to your success, both in the cloud and in your own data centre.

This knowledge and experience is also represented in the OneCall support team. Unlike the average call centre, our OneCall Support specialists are all experienced and well-trained experts with the most up-to-date IT knowledge. They know everything there is to know about working in the cloud, in on-premise data centres and hybrid environments. That's why they can quickly and competently resolve virtually any IT issue you need support for. So that you and your customers are back in business in no time.

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