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Insight BusinessCare helps Service Providers to find a profitable and sustainable answer to the challenges of a changing, complex world where cloud and traditional IT business models meet. It is an umbrella of expert services that give you facts, knowledge, tools, and insights.

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  • Increase the efficiency of your software supply chain in the cloud
  • Quickly familiarise with the latest cloud technology
  • Reliably make your business future-proof in a complex world

Stay ahead of challenges

Running your business as a Service Provider is becoming increasingly complex. The world has become more complicated in terms of licensing and technology. Insight BusinessCare helps you to stay ahead of these challenges and make sure that service, technology and licensing are connected correctly. We give you the support you need to optimise your service, connect with your customers and remain to be their trusted IT partner now and in the future.

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Successfully manage business challenges

Insight BusinessCare helps to successfully manage the challenges where cloud and traditional IT business models meet.

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Expert advice and assistance on licensing, contract management, reporting and analyses.

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Specialist training and support on the rapid changes in technology, software and cloud.

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Commercial support services to achieve higher revenue, generate leads and win orders.

Develop your business with Insight BusinessCare

Insight BusinessCare helps you to keep your business moving forward with a range of licensing, technical and strategic services based on three pillars.

Software supply chain optimisation

Insight BusinessCare offers expert support and advice on all fronts when it comes to licensing, contract management, reporting and analyses to optimise your software supply chain.

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  • License operations portal
  • License Desk service
  • License optimisation assessments
  • License updates, news and blogs
  • License webinars/workshops

Technology optimisation

Insight BusinessCare provides specialist guidance on the rapid changes in technology, software and cloud. Be the first to know what is available and how you can make it work for you.

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  • Open technical webinars/seminars
  • Virtual and on-site technical training
  • Technical partner support to end users
  • Proof of Concept (POC) support on new solutions, e.g. Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Optimisation Foundation
  • In-company technical workshops

Strategic business planning

Insight BusinessCare enhances your business and takes it to the next level with commercial support services to achieve and secure more revenue, become more attractive in the market, generate leads, win bids and tenders.

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  • Sales support
  • Tendering support
  • Commercial workshops


Contact Insight and let our specialists help you effectively manage your entire infrastructure and support your business goals.

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