Client story Fourth Wall Streamlines Client Onboarding with new AWS Environment

Fourth Wall Streamlines Client Onboarding with new AWS Environment

Story Snapshot

    Fourth Wall’s reliance on manual processes and contrasting Amazon Web Services (AWS) products to build unique customer infrastructures resulted in a complex onboarding process for its clients. Insight’s collaboration with FW transformed its AWS environment to streamline client onboarding, ensure standardisation and bolster security posture, and create a platform that improved business scalability.

    • AWS Control Tower environment simplified account management and improved governance.
    • Standardised solution by introducing Terraform Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to provide full stack automation.

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Fourth Wall offers diverse services to clients including top flight football clubs. These services range from marketing and technology solutions to creative content and membership management.


As Fourth Wall expanded its business and continued developing unique infrastructures for new clients, the increasing number of standalone AWS environments added complexity, impeded standardisation and slowed client onboarding. Fourth Wall was always aware that optimising AWS with full stack automation would accelerate growth and improve client experience. However, due to the specialist nature of the implementation, it required Insights’ external expertise to fully leverage the technology’s potential. This included successfully planning, building and managing a new, centrally governed environment, as well as adopting Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines and IaC for rapidly deploying new environments.

The company was also mindful that any transformation needed to safeguard its competitive pricing model and profitability.

“Insight’s innate understanding of AWS products and how they could deliver improvements to our development team and clients has transformed our business. Collaborating with Insight has enabled usto provide solutions more quickly and in a standardised way.”
“Insight went beyond simply advising us. Its team worked with us to develop unique IaC modules that have been truly transformative.”

Lee Evans, Chief Technology Officer, Fourth Wall.

Solution and Outcome

Initially, Insight conducted an AWS Well-Architected assessment to evaluate Fourth Wall’s existing AWS environment.

Having identified key areas for improvement, Insight worked closely with FW’s infrastructure architects in building a new, cost-effective AWS Control Tower multi-account environment, which would deliver centralised control and governance.

Additionally, due to the strength of relationship formed between Insight and FW, Insight went beyond FW’s original scope and built new Terraform IaC modules that provided full stack automation of customer environments. This enabled the company’s in-house development team to bring solutions to market quicker, using fewer resources.

Collaborating closely with Fourth Wall’s development team, Insight educated them on Terraform code and best practices, and supported the business with integrating the modules into CI/CD pipelines.

As a result, Fourth Wall has been able to streamline customeron boarding processes and enhance its security posture, as well as achieve faster code deployment and upgrades – enabling it to respond quicker to client requests. Employees have also benefited from an improved experience, thanks to simplified workflows and more efficient operations.

Throughout the planning and build phases, Insight worked directly with the in-house development team to ensure seamless integration.The project was completed within a two-month timeframe and Insight continues to work with FW to evolve the infrastructure to the benefit of Fourth Wall’s clients.

Why Insight?

To increase its scalability, Fourth Wall sought the expertise of Insight, whose cloud specialists are renowned for helping businesses select the AWS solutions that best fit their goals.

As a leading Solutions Integrator, Insight fully understood how Fourth Wall’s use of AWS was creating inefficiencies and could be be evolved to improve collaboration, communication and efficiency.

Fourth Wall also recognised the benefit of Insight’s deep understanding of other technologies, which it could leverage to significantly enhance the experience for its clients and enable it to accelerate its growth.



Time and monetary
onboarding mistakes.


Faster service resumption in test disaster recovery scenarios.


Monthly cost reduction.


Reduction in technical onboarding time for new clients.

By Insight UK / 31 Aug 2023