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The information security imperative

Gain visibility into data, including who accesses it and when. With the Symantec™ Information Protection platform, your data will remain safe and compliant — in motion, at rest and in use. Encryption, authentication, identification and other features bolster your information security.

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VIP experience

A cloud-based authentication service delivers secure access to data and applications anytime, anywhere and from any device. Symantec VIP helps you launch two-factor authentication when you need it — minus the high expense of on-premise infrastructure.

You’ll be equipped to verify every user through a wide range of multifactor authentication methods, including push, risk-based, hard tokens and more. You can easily enforce policies, simplify logins and integrate two-factor authentication into your current enterprise environment.

Track and understand your data.

Symantec makes it easy to discover, monitor and protect sensitive data. Gain insights into channels, such as apps, endpoints, data repositories and web communications.

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    Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

    Manage data loss policies and incidents across every channel from one central console. Symantec offers flexible deployment options for all types of environment.

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    DLP Cloud and CloudSOC

    Cover your blind spots with the first integrated cloud security offering that combines DLP and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) technologies. The solution discovers sensitive data in more than 100 apps.

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    DLP Cloud Service for Email

    This data detection service and management console helps you shift email communications to the cloud without risking security and data loss. It also protects you from phishing, malware and spam.

Automate your defense.

Now you can secure information outside your managed perimeter. Symantec helps you automate protection with information-centric:


Simplify incident response and rapidly detect breaches with User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA).


Classify and tag your information to empower users to quickly understand it and keep it confidential.


Use identity, encryption and digital rights to allow only authorised individuals to access your information.

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No threat is too complex.

Robust encryption can help you safeguard data on every device, from computers and laptops to tablets and hard drives. Encrypt files, emails, specific folders, servers and more through an intuitive user experience.

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