End-to-end protection

A multilayered approach to security enables you to safeguard both your cloud applications and infrastructure. Protect users and assets with solutions that give you total control and scalability.

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Gain visibility into shadow IT, govern data within cloud applications and defend against threats.

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Track and guard your most confidential data, regardless of where it lives and who has access to it.

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Maintain flexibility throughout your enterprise, without risking the safety of proprietary information.

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Extend your security team.

Cybercriminals have large networks, and now you can, too. With cybersecurity services from Symantec and Insight.

As part of your security team, we’ll:

  • Prevent targeted attacks and campaigns.
  • Monitor for actionable intelligence.
  • Respond to security threats and incidents.
  • Track and analyse key trends and events. 
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A new take on security

An integrated approach to web and cloud defense — including advanced threat protection, web risk and data security — makes it easier for you to adopt cloud applications and architectures. A universal policy allows for control of all users across your enterprise.

The integrated suite of solutions helps stop inbound and outbound threats, on premises or in the cloud. Advanced technologies help you secure cloud, web and mobile traffic through Symantec’s next-generation proxy architecture.

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Protect your Office 365® environment.

Symantec helps defend against sophisticated attacks.

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Controls for confidential data

Your employees need access to critical data, and you need to safeguard it. The Symantec Information Protection platform helps you track who accesses your organisation’s data and limit access only to those who need it — no matter where the data lives.

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Robust endpoint defense

Symantec Endpoint Protection leverages artificial intelligence, resulting in 9 trillion lines of security data. This data is applied to all of your endpoints, network and cloud servers, safeguarding your on-premise infrastructure, as well as your cloud.

The solution can help you simplify your full endpoint security stack while allowing your IT team to regain time and resources for other priorities. And, once your endpoint protection is fully integrated with your security infrastructure, you can easily respond to threats anywhere.

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Count on Insight

Protecting your data doesn’t have to come with added stress. Insight can support every step of the process. As a Symantec Gold Partner with more than 25 years of expertise, we’re here to help.

Get the most out of your Symantec technology with expert services that help you:

  • Focus your time on what matters most
  • Lower costs
  • Prevent cyberattacks
  • Simplify and streamline operations

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