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Today’s campus needs

Your students of today – and your future alumni – are more digitally savvy than ever before. Timely access to contextual information is an expectation, not a ‘nice to have’.

To address this challenge, and gain a distinct competitive advantage, many higher education institutions are turning more to an end-to-end digital solution to effectively build and optimise student relationships to drive engagement and retention rates.

Tailor experience at every stage

The first step in transforming for tomorrow is understanding what you have today. We can help map your experience blueprint, and bring a modern vision to transforming the digital experiences you provide.


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Initial Evaluation

Create a personalised engaging site for prospective students, to learn and adapt as they navigate through the course catalogue, study options, university life, opportunities and testimonials.

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Streamline the application process and assist prospective students by tailoring content based on their previous engagement profile and interests. Personalise the experience to enable a soft landing for when they begin their student journey.

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Offer and Acceptance

Simplify and accelerate application processing time by providing an automated workflow for streamlined offers and acceptances.

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Commencing Study

Assist new students by providing targeted content that will help them progress through class signup, system enrolment, calendar review, campus orientation, sporting activities and more.

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Throughout Study

Guide students towards completing their studies by providing targeted information for each relevant stage of their university journey.

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Inform students about the graduation process by providing detail on key dates, deadlines, ceremonies and certificates and provide targeted information on furthering a student’s academic journey.

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Allow alumni to be better informed and increase engagement levels, providing relevant information and opportunities for students as they plan the next stage of their academic life.

We’ve delivered success

University of Western Australia (UWA) has been strategically transforming their Digital Student Experience. Hear how we’ve helped improve engagement in their student recruitment and offer and acceptance phases.

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Looking to drive smart digital experiences

We can help customise an end-to-end solution that meets your needs, unique to your institution.