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Customized protection

With growth in mobile device use and online assessments, a vast amount of student and school data needs to be protected. Discover customized, secure solutions for the transfer and storage of this information.

Secure technology solutions for education

Implementing a 1:1 initiative?

We have security applications that will ensure students can’t access or download unauthorized information, protecting your students and your core data infrastructure.

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Stay ahead of hackers.

We’ll conduct a security assessment so you know where your protection level stands. We’ll also work with you to create a security strategy for your servers, data and core infrastructure.

Then, we’ll install a firewall to protect your network and sensitive information.

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Keep your student data safe.

As schools become more ingrained in the digital landscape, they face an increasing number of cybersecurity threats. Discover three key strategies to minimize the risk of a breech without compromising the benefits of a data-powered education.

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Provide secure, remote access.

Give staff members remote access to manage and monitor applications. You can also connect computers across a secure, shared network with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).