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Introducing Windows 11

When the COVID-19 pandemic caused an abrupt, widespread shift to remote work, the PC became the driving force behind business continuity. Now, as more organizations make hybrid work permanent, they must find ways to provide employees with secure and reliable tools.

Enter Microsoft® Windows® 11, an OS built for hybrid work.

Allowing end users to work from anywhere while simultaneously reducing their cognitive load, Windows 11 features simple, flexible deployment and easy cloud management. Windows 11 provides a trusted and secure platform for seamless collaboration, adaptive productivity and reliable access from devices. Meeting a diverse and dynamic array of business needs, it ushers in increased profitability while also promoting employee well-being. What can Microsoft Windows 11 from Insight do for your enterprise?

Simple. Powerful. Streamlined.

Windows 11 is designed for a new era of the digital workplace by helping companies unlock the full potential of every employee, giving them powerful tools to collaborate and create in a secure and trusted environment.

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Featuring a simple, powerful
UX to improve employee productivity and focus, Windows 11 reduces employee cognitive load with a simplified and streamlined user interface.

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Empower workers to collaborate smarter. Windows 11 comes with Microsoft Teams® integration for an easy way to meet and share content.

Windows 11 laptop


App compatibility and cloud management make adoption easy, while familiar deployment and updated tools streamline business processes.

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The most secure Windows yet, Windows 11 enables a password-less experience while taking a modern approach to keeping your devices secure and up to date.


Questions about Windows 11?
Here are the top 10 FAQs.

The next evolution of Windows is here. Find out everything you want to know about this powerful OS from our list of top 10 FAQs.

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Amplify the benefits of Windows 11 with Insight’s Connected Workforce.

Optimize your Return on Investment (ROI) and drive better business value by partnering with Insight’s Connected Workforce for managed service support.

From 24/7 access to Level 1–3 IT help desk to built-in migration or admin-on-behalf-of services, our subscription solutions offer your enterprise the assistance you need to minimize downtime and end-user frustration, and increase productivity and engagement.

Set your organization up for hybrid work success with Windows 11.

Microsoft Windows 11 from Insight makes adapting to hybrid work as seamless as possible with secure, consistent, and reliable tools for collaboration and productivity.

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