Future-proof your IT infrastructure

Don’t let power distribution overcomplicate or slow down your IT deployments. APC’s newest Advanced PDU Series, available from Insight, makes it easy to simplify IT today while laying a foundation for future growth.

The latest in PDU technology 

APC outlet

4-in-1 outlet design

You’ll simplify and accelerate IT deployments while keeping up with increasing power needs.

APC outlet products

More power

It’s easy to handle high-density loads with up to 48 outlets and 50% more power.

APC Customizable outlet

Customizable features

You can choose colors, cord lengths, outlet control and management options.

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How to Find the Right PDU

Choosing the right PDU for your infrastructure can be daunting. In this buying guide, Insight and APC explore all the factors you need to consider as you upgrade your power ecosystem.

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Combat Uncertainty with the APC NetShelter Rack PDU Advanced infographic as translated below

We go beyond power.

The new APC Advanced PDU series offers more than just power. Its cutting-edge capabilities simplify IT planning and help you avoid future delays and unplanned costs associated with new power distribution requirements. 

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A full suite of features

The industry’s first 4-in-1 outlet design, more power and a slim profile are just a few of the features that the APC Advanced Rack PDU offers. In this datasheet, learn more about how it can help you simplify your IT deployments. 

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Seeing is believing

Data centers need a constant, reliable stream of power. The APC NetShelter Advanced Rack PDU delivers
all the power you need now - while also preparing your data centers for future power needs.

Future-proof your power distribution.

Together, Insight and APC simplify and strengthen your power infrastructure. 

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