In reaction to recent events, Insight’s president and CEO, Ken Lamneck, sent the following message to teammates on June 1, 2020:

Like many of you, I’ve watched the media coverage unfold in recent days. The senseless deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and the others before them cannot be ignored.

While I know we do not have all the answers, this is our opportunity to remember that Insight stands against racism and discrimination of any kind. We stand for a truly diverse and inclusive culture, and we each need to do our part to further accelerate our inclusive culture — for all teammates.

As teammates, we must make it our job to embrace our values of Heart and Harmony during this difficult time and drive positive change within our communities. You’ll see them defined below.

You’ll also see some ways Insight is responding with some helpful resources to support our teammates. I encourage you to participate in whatever ways you can.

Finally, please know we are aware these are challenging issues for our society. We acknowledge that our teammates are feeling overwhelmed by the weight of so many serious health, economic and discrimination issues. We encourage all of our teammates to take advantage of the employee assistance programs we have made available. It’s important that we all stay safe and take care of one another, both during these difficult times and always.

Thank you,


What Insight Stands For

We don’t think of ourselves as individuals but as teammates. We take care of each other, our clients and our communities. We believe in each other and take pride in what we can collectively achieve.

We’re different in skill sets, perspectives and backgrounds but united by a common goal. We welcome uniqueness and all points of view as we work together to make transformation happen.

What Insight Will be Offering

  • Our Human Resources team will offer webinars for Allies. These webinars will focus on helping our teammates grow and develop their Ally-ship competencies.
  • We will also be hosting optional discussion groups with our Teammate Resource Groups to discuss these issues and allow our teammates to express themselves. These groups include Women With Insight, Insight Stands Out (LGBTQ+ group), Unidos with Insight, and the Afro-Professionals and Allies at Insight group that is launching June 19.
  • Insight will continue to push forward with its diversity and inclusion efforts — and we can all do our part to ensure an inclusive environment at Insight — for all.

For teammates who are struggling during this time, Insight also provides professional-help resources. These mental health resources will help you to take care of yourself as we navigate these trying times together.