Security solutions focused on assessing, minimising and preventing data breaches

Your organisation’s first line of defence from the outside world is crucial.

Network security and threat mitigation models are constantly changing as methods of attack evolve and become more sophisticated.Insight’s security solutions enable your organisation to minimise the impact and downtime caused by data breaches, protecting your company’s image and client trust.

From initial assessment right through to deployment, our approach to security ensures that your organisation will benefit from a security framework that matches your business objectives and safeguards your systems around the clock. Insight brings together the best technologies from a wide range of vendors to create a security solution that’s tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs.


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  • Security Infographic

    Security Infographic

    Download our Security Threats Infographic to learn more about the hazards that can affect your operations.

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  • Security solutions for the CIO

    Security solutions for the CIO

    90% of large organisations and 74% of small businesses had a security breach in 2015* - and the number continues to rise. Download our security solutions flyer to find out how to assess, mitigate and prevent security risks. 

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  • Security solutions for the IT Manager

    Security solutions for the IT Manager

    15% of large organisations had a security or data breach in 2015 involving smartphones or tablets.* Download our security solutions flyer to find out how to assess, mitigate and prevent security risks.

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  • Security Services from Insight

    Security Services from Insight

    Organisations today are facing a seemingly endless increase in risk through cyber threats, at the same time that the information security industry faces deepening skills shortages. We have created a number of services to help organisation strengthen their security strategies and improve cyber-protection.

  • Webinar

    Hacktivism Webinar

    How to avoid being disrupted by hacktivist groups - watch our “Minimising the effects of a Hacktivism Attack” webinar, coming soon.

Your benefits

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Avoid cyber- crime and loss of customer confidence and market share

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Drive real productivity with a secure cloud and mobile environment

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Avoid being overrun by shadow IT

Improve security levels though a fully integrated security solution.

As we have seen a significant rise in cyber-crime, organisations of all sizes need to ensure they understand what potential threats they face and how to mitigate risks. Companies need to understand that it is no longer a case of ‘if’ an attack were to occur – but ‘when’. In order to protect themselves against such dangers, a robust solution that covers a full security continuum and integrates seamlessly with existing technology investments, is essential.

Identify whether you are at risk by downloading our Knowing The Warning Signs Checklist.

Knowing the warning signs

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What would securing access to your data and applications mean to your business?

Mobilising the workforce combined with new cloud services offer increased productivity levels and cost savings. However, organisations need to ensure these solutions are protected to retain control over data and corporate intellectual property, particularly when accessed and used outside their network.

Insight can alleviate any concerns around security that you may have. Our security solutions can assist you in examining the risk and vulnerabilities your organisation may face by reviewing the design of all technology and infrastructure. Our service will also suggest monitoring and alerting services that allow organisations to detect a potential data breach or vulnerability.

Identify the best features of a security solution by downloading our Key Elements Of A Good Security Solution checklist.

Key elements of a good security solution

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Concentrate your IT resources on strategic projects.

Ensuring your IT resources are utilised to their maximum potential is imperative for the smooth running of your core IT platforms. Nevertheless, with the increasing number of IT challenges around security, it is extremely important that you partner with an organisation that can deliver a strong security solution, allowing your IT teams to concentrate on more strategic initiatives.

Insight understands that it may not be feasible for all clients to employ dedicated security specialists to continually monitor and check the integrity of perimeter defences. By partnering with Insight, your organisation can free up IT resources to ensure your IT department concentrates on other important operational imperatives.

Insight have developed a range of Security Services to complement in house skills. These are a comprehensive set of consultancy packages delivered by highly experienced engineers with clearly defined outcomes.

Download our Vendor Evaluation Questions checklist to understand what the characteristics are of a reliable security solution.

Vendor evaluation checklist

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