Making the most of your IT budget

Change is the one constant organisations face, more so now with recent geo-political, economic and other events happening at pace around the world. As a result, many businesses need to adopt more agile investment, budget and spending models so their operations can survive and thrive.

Investing in financial services initiatives has risen to the top of many businesses’ priorities to remain competitive and improve operations. Cost optimisation and reduction initiatives are often ongoing activities that accelerate during this uncertainty.

Insight has experienced specialists and skilled consultants who help organisations eliminate overspending, identify inefficiencies and align future IT budgets with high-value opportunities.

We can work closely with multiple stakeholders in your business to create the returns on investment you need and manage costs without compromising performance.

Areas we can support you:

  • Re-think IT to deliver optimal performance at the right costs
  • IT cost reduction and improvement initiatives
  • Agile IT opex versus capex models
  • Financing solutions to accelerate technology innovation

Rethink IT to deliver optimal performance at the right costs

Technology and applications power your business, yet you may have technology that is costly to maintain and does not provide the platform to deliver on both your current, and future business digitisation initiatives.

IT needs to be agile and flexible so you can have more predictability and confidence in your investment and spending.

Insight has deep experience and skills in supporting businesses rethink the way they do IT. We work with you to design, deliver and manage technology plans to migrate from where you are now, to your desired future state, with the right cost models for your business.

We help you:

  • Identify and deliver cost-effective technology solutions and services
  • Support and manage migration from current to future state
  • Ongoing technology optimisation and management
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IT cost reduction and improvement initiatives

At Insight, we don’t just identify opportunities and build cost optimisation plans. We also help you deliver and track cost reduction and improvement initiatives, delivering positive impacts to your bottom line.

There are many areas you can focus on, from consolidating suppliers, and reducing wasted spend, to contract renegotiations and optimising architectures that will improve your IT costs without compromising your operations.

Our team of experts can help you identify short, medium and long-term cost optimisation and savings opportunities to meet both your immediate and long-term needs.

We help you

  • Total IT spend contract cost reduction
  • Right-sizing current and future cloud and SaaS spend
  • Optimising architecture to reduce operational cost
  • Ongoing analysis, identification and plans to improve return on IT investments
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Agile OpEx versus costly CapEx models

Cloud and Software-as-a-Service technologies have grown increasingly more attractive to businesses who are CapEx constrained or need to deliver at speed.

The flexibility of moving to OpEx based technologies can enable organisations to react quicker to market conditions and can accelerate time-to-market with improved returns on investment.

Insight has the experience of helping organisations not only transition, but manage their IT CapEx to Opex spend transitions with continued business performance.

We deliver flexible, scalable solutions to meet your financial investment goals in IT.

We help you:

  • IT solutions that can improve cashflow
  • Costs that scale up and down as your business needs
  • More predictable budgeting models
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Financing solutions to accelerate technology innovation

The ability to secure capital investment to transform your business and invest in technology with the right returns, varies across many public and private businesses.

Market and economic conditions are not always conducive to raising capital quickly and satisfying your organisation’s need to transform effectively.

Insight has supported businesses to overcome this challenge, by bridging the gap between transformation and budget constraints creating a fluid approach to business modernisation.

We enable effective financial initiatives with flexible payment terms to suit your needs.

Technology finance solutions delivering:

  • Faster technology deployment without large capital investments
  • Mitigate inflationary pressures by taking advantage of advantageous commercial terms
  • Predictable OpEx costs
  • Potential accounting treatment benefits through recording expense when invoiced preserving key business financial ratios and shareholder value.

Let’s do big things together.

Innovating is the only way to stay relevant in today’s uber-competitive market. Our unique approach and deep knowledge put you on the path to true innovation.


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