Increase your server storage.

With the growing use of digital content and Common Core State Standards online assessments, you need a larger storage capacity.

We’ll help you find a bigger and better solution to hold and protect your data.


Keep data in the cloud.

Many schools and districts are finding that storing data in the cloud is more cost-effective than storing data in their own on-site data centers.

The cloud offers secure access to important information, including email, backup files and storage — from anywhere. Free up internal resources by handing off cloud hosting to Insight.


Want to keep data on-site?

A properly implemented data center enables the secure storage, management and retrieval of assessment data. Let us help you standardize equipment, processes and details, and eliminate redundancies to simplify operations.

Storage with peace of mind

We’ll create a data storage solution that ensures student and school information is secure and backed up.

Hear from our team


Need a better strategy?

We have IT strategists, technical architects and service professionals who will help you with your planning, deployment and management — whether you need to create a secure system or roll out new devices across the district.