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Surface discovery workshop

The Microsoft Surface Discovery Workshop is designed to highlight the best of Microsoft hardware and how the Surface portfolio has a device to suit everyone.

This 60 minute workshop will introduce you to the Surface family, showcase the different ways Surface has been designed to enhance productivity, improve security and reduce IT complexity.

The complexities of your current environment

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Zero touch deployment

Rising demand for flexibility is changing the way we operate. Employees want to work from anywhere.

Security features

Remote-hybrid connectivity

Hackers are becoming more adaptable to security walls and cyberthreats are still growing in number, leaving user information vulnerable.

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Users today seek a personalised experience for acquiring the devices they both want and need to do their best work.

Built for the modern workforce

Insight and Microsoft have the ability to offer you the right resources to anticipate and overtake these modern workplace complexities:

  • Microsoft Surface delivers modern devices for all worker profiles to improve employee focus, satisfaction and retention.
  • Microsoft® software security protects your end users and hardware from cyberthreats with cutting-edge authentication technology and analytics.
  • Microsoft Autopilot enables self-service deployment that users are familiar with, taking the time off desktop administrators.

To help you keep up with the blistering pace of the IT industry and understand how your company can best acclimatise to these changes, Insight is offering an expert-led discovery session to discuss how Microsoft Surface, Autopilot and modern workplace tools align with your existing roadmap — and lead your company to operate at maximum efficiency.

Female expert showing details with her client

Remote Collaboration, Teams Room Systems and Surface Hub 

In this session we will also delve into how Microsoft Teams Room Systems and the Surface Hub are designed to enhance productivity, communication and collaboration between those in the office and those working remotely and how you can turn any space, from a small huddle spot to a large meeting room into a hub for collaboration. 

Not sure if Microsoft is the right fit?

Ease your worries and find the answers to your questions by talking to our experts for a detailed discussion of Microsoft’s modern management approach.

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From the Chip to the Cloud

At Insight, our goal is to ensure we provide customers with end-to-end device solutions, utilising our strong supply chain optimisation and workplace solutions to keep business running, foster flexible work environments and put you at the forefront of innovation. Here are some of the ways Insight offers the complete solution:

  • Access to our dedicated team of Microsoft Specialists
  • Endpoint Management including Zero Touch Deployment
  • E-Procurement to streamline the ordering process
  • Lifecycle services & warranty support

Why Insight?

Talk to a trusted partner.

Insight is the partner to help you upgrade hardware, maintain accurate inventory management, manage multiple platforms, deliver cybersecurity and craft a roadmap for future initiatives.